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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Will Breasts Remain Full After Breast Reduction surgery?

Posted on: September 28, 2012
By: DrDelgado

The amount of fullness that remains after a reduction mammoplasty depends on a few factors. One would be the breast reduction surgeon and the technique used. Second would be the amount of tissue removed and the composition of the remaining tissue. A woman’s age and skin tone are factors. If the woman becomes pregnant, or has significant weight fluctuations breast sagging can happen.

The breasts are subject to changes brought on by aging and gravity. For women who desire the upper fullness, breast implants can be used. Then there are Marin County women who opt for smaller and lighter breasts and they note that the changes are much less with continued use of a bra and stabilized body weight.

After Breast Reduction Surgery, What is Causing Tingling, Burning and Shooting Pains?

Posted on: September 20, 2012
By: DrDelgado

In the healing process of a reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction), it is normal to feel tingling, burning or random sharp shooting pains that can last for many weeks after surgery. They usually only last a second but indicate the nerves are beginning to regenerate. Often the nipples become hypersensitive, but all of these symptoms will generally subside with time.

San Francisco Bay Area women who have had breast reduction surgery are advised to report any conditions of redness, swelling, severe or increased pain so that signs of infection or any other complication can be ruled out.

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