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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Can Breast Reduction be Done Without Large Scars?

Posted on: February 28, 2013
By: DrDelgado

Numerous San Francisco Bay Area women ask if a reduction mammoplasty can be done without large scars. This is probably the main reason that breast reduction surgery for some Marin County women is indefinitely postponed. With any surgery, there will be resulting scars. It is the cosmetic plastic surgeons goal to make all scars as hidden and invisible as possible.

There are different ways to do breast reduction surgery, some with more prominent scars than others. Each patient is individual and at the time of the consultation Dr. Delgado discusses which procedure will work the best to get the best results. He will explain in detail what can be expected, and he will show many before and after pictures.

With traditional breast reduction surgery, the resulting scars are either the “inverted T” or the “anchor”. The incision goes around the areola then vertically to the breast crease and across the breast crease, thus is the shape of an inverted T or an anchor. This procedure is the “gold standard” for breast reduction for women with breasts of significant size. It has been observed that women who have had this procedure are thrilled with their results. Most note that after the incisions have healed that they fade and are barely noticeable.

For the woman that has moderate sized breasts, the short scar breast reduction is a great technique that avoids the incision that goes across the inferior breast crease. It is also known as the “vertical” or the “lollipop” breast reduction.

Lastly, the least invasive of all would be breast reduction by liposuction. Liposuction has only a small incision for the cannula, resulting in a very small scar. This procedure seems to work the best for younger women with minimal to moderate breast enlargement with normal skin elasticity and minimal sagging.

As one of the leading breast reduction specialists of Northern California, Dr. Delgado is very sensitive to the concerns of women regarding scars. For each patient he minimizes them as much as possible and follows up with scar treatment after surgery consisting of silicone gel sheeting.

Which ever procedure is done, most women are thrilled with their new breasts and are among the most satisfied plastic surgery patients.

How Old is Too Old for a Breast Reduction?

Posted on: February 15, 2013
By: DrDelgado

Marin County women wanting a reduction mammoplasty, also known as breast reduction surgery, ask” How old is too old for surgery?”

Age is less a factor than the health of the patient. A woman in her 60’s or even 70’s can be a good candidate. She must be in good health and not have any problems that would interfere with healing or anesthesia. She should get clearance from her family physician who will probably want a complete physical including blood tests and an EKG.

Older San Francisco Bay Area women seem to be the most pleased with the surgery as they have suffered with the symptoms of their large pendulous breasts the longest. For her to be finally be free from back, neck and shoulder pain in of itself is huge. Instead of constant disappointment of trying on clothes that never fit right, women are thrilled to be able to go shopping and buy clothes off the rack. The most common complaint I have heard is that they wish they had the surgery sooner.

For whatever reason the surgery had to be postponed, maybe financial or emotional, if the older woman has made the decision she wants to proceed with cosmetic plastic surgery later in life, as long as she has approval from her doctor, there is no reason why she can’t.

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